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February 07 2018

Formaldehyde is neurotoxic, genotoxic, mutogenic

 can cause spontaneous gene mutation and is an endocrine disruptor. 

The good doctor is getting whistle blower punishment a la Wakefield.

 If you don’t parrot pro-vaccine mantra, you are an enemy of the regime.

how could something used to keep corpses fresh be bad for living beings?

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I think I’m just gonna go back to my “sports are mostly for assholes” teenage nerd attitude after literally thousands of sports fans just destroyed part of a major city because they liked how That Ball Get Kick Good. Not even gonna get into the fact that police broke out more violent tactics against completely peaceful protests (except I just did) or the president’s recent words tying sports into patriotism and even military loyalty (JESUS) or the billions of dollars that get sunk into Ball Get Kicked instead of science or medicine or people in need.

The “industry” surrounding sports needs to die. Sports should be something kids and friends do to relax not a miniature intranational war.

why does this have 2000 notes on it all the sudden? I’m not even going to look at them. I don’t care about footly balls discourse.

I already got messages like “there are bad people in every fandom” but I really don’t recall huge crowds of people breaking windows and setting cars on fire because a new Harry’s Potter came out.

First-person account of some of the history of pandemic disease that began with the military's use of vaccinations during the Spanish Civil War:


My father was hospitalized for months after contracting Yellow Fever from a vaccination he received prior to his deployment to Europe during WWII, so I have some personal bias, although this happened years before I was born.

No food packaging plastic is truly "recyclable!"

They should instead be called “down-cyclable.” The term “recyclable” should be reserved only of items that can be re-cycled back into the original item; aluminum cans come to mind. Plastic milk-jugs, not!

But public health and safety concerns have made it so that recycling food-containing plastic back to its original use is illegal. (That alone should tell you about the suitability of using a martial that can be “damaged” by food storage.)

Instead, food packaging is “down-cycled” into park benches, faux-wood decking material, sportswear insulation, etc. None of it can ever become food packaging again. And after just one more use (albeit, a potentially long-lived one), it once again becomes trash.

I’d rather say, outlaw all single-use plastics. That plastic film that does nothing more than hold two jars of peanut butter together at Costco? Ban it!

On the other hand, a lot of potentially re-usable plastic packaging is under-utilized. I don’t know how our farm would survive without nearly-free 20 litre (5 gallon) plastic buckets. Distributors of products packaged in potentially re-used materials should be required to take them back, and to distribute them to re-users. Every small farm would be grateful.

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If you’ve ever wondered how lakes are stocked with fish, here it is! Thousands of native fish are being dropped from an airplane. Video is from the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources.

this is so funny to m

Goodbye bitches

PetSmart Fish Lady:  You have to be very careful not to jostle the goldfish, then let him sit in the bag in the tank for an hour to let his temperature adjust to your tank, and then carefully pour it into the water.

Utah Fish Official: BOMBS AWAY FUCKERS


You know you have a chronic illness when…

Video gaming is not a hobby it’s therapy

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it’s so nice when corps support each other. rubbish ice-cream to make the neurotoxins go down.

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This is something most parents don’t think of and doctors don’t warn of.  

of course exzema tends to be caused by vaccines.

vaccinia, also common vaccine reaction in dogs.

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Like… the intention is good, but I don’t know how I feel about the angle of “you shouldn’t bully someone because you may not know the whole story”. You shouldn’t bully because it’s fucked up.

That girl you called fat, maybe she’s NOT starving herself. Maybe she just likes to eat. You want to call her names because of that? Fuck you.

That girl you called a slut, maybe she’s not a virgin, maybe she’s had a lot of sex with different people, sex is fucking AWESOME! Your hang ups with women and sexuality is not her problem. You’re an asshole.

That boy you pushed down in the hall… maybe everything’s great at home for him, so the fuck what? Don’t put your hands on people you piece of shit.

That black girl you teased for her skin color… just, fuck you, period. Doesn’t matter what the fuck is going on in her life, you’re fucking garbage. Get the fuck out of here.

The old man with the scars… seriously? Like… if you’re making fun of an old man’s scars you’re too far gone, you’re some kind of amoral sociopath or something cause that’s just some fucked up shit.

That “gay boy” you made fun of? Go fuck yourself.

The man you made fun of for crying? He just watched the episode of the Office where Jim and Pam get married, so what? Who cares why he’s crying? People have emotions dipshit.

That poor boy? Oh you’re one of those assholes who makes fun of poor people? Go die in a fire.

How about just don’t bully people at all for any reason cause it’s a fucked up thing to do regardless of what you do or don’t know about them? Treat people the way you want to be treated, it’s that simple. We’re all human beings just trying to be happy, you make the world a worse place when you try to stand in the way of that.

I fixed it. :)

Much better

Reblogging for the second version

This x 100000000000000000000000000000 and those new ones are so much better.  This is exactly what I always think about when I see these kinds of campaigns, like DON’T BULLY BECAUSE IT’S WRONG AND MEAN AND CRUEL, not b/c maybe there’s a socially acceptable reason why the person is different, or that they might kill themselves.  Even if they WON’T kill themselves, don’t do it.  And nobody needs a good reason to be different to not be bullied for it >:(

teleSUR English: Yet Another Page Removed By Facebook


Facebook continues its purge of political pages, even after Mark Zuckerberg said you’d be able to choose your news outlet on Facebook.

teleSUR English was just that for many. A trusted source of information that touched on many subjects, one being U.S. imperialist policies. Which leads many to believe that their unpublishing is due to their criticism of the U.S.

teleSUR English had over 390K likes at the time of their removal.

Source:- https://thefriendofthepeople.com/2018/01/24/telesur-english-yet-another-page-removed-by-facebook/

Revolutionary Eye:

teleSUR is my principal source for my posts on Latin America.

As you continue your daily existence know that you now live in a knowledge bubble created by social media as directed by your Governments.Socialist Parties all report that numbers of viewers have fallen catastrophically as algorithms are used to hide their content while we now know Youtube directed viewers before the US election to fake news that favoured Trump.

What do we do about it? Understandably people are reluctant to acknowledge this is really happening and want to think that the forces that defend free speech will triumph somehow or other-people will not stand for it!Theresa May will deliver a speech today saying new laws are needed to protect woman,minorities,etc on social media as if she gave a damn! Rather world-wide laws are being enacted to narrow the scope of political debate to ensure it does not challenge the prevailing political orthodoxy of capitalism.

In their eminently reasonable worldview the socialism of the Left is portrayed to be as bad as the fascism of the Right.The challenge to us of this political repression will be huge and time after time in recent years we have seen ourselves defeated as the Right have pounded out their neoliberal austerity agenda crushing our limp attempts to defend the advances past class struggle had achieved.

What do we do? We fight.To fight back we need organization.We cannot fight as individuals.Joining a demo or signing a petition is not enough.We need to be where others are debating with each other,learning from the past ,deciding how to advance the struggle and acting together to bring about change.Look to see who are the best fighters where you live.Join them-that will advance your own ability to understand the world a hundred times better than you reading a book on your own.And if you,in the end,disagree with them,move on if you cannot persuade them to your outlook.

I paint a grim picture but we are not wholly insignificant -teleSUR may be blocked by Facebook but it is still there-you can still go to their website.Corbyn and Sanders,Trotskyists in the Irish parliament,the rise of new European Parties of the Left,eruptions in Tunisia and Iran,etc and the hatred for capitalism and imperialism that so many young people now express  are all cause to think we can yet build that better future but fight we must!

what shit face book is. they just removed mine [ i think, they keep asking “security questions but i think that’s it] . you can’t talk to anybody either,no humans.

Study: Rate of American Boys Developing Neurodevelopmental Disorders a National Crisis

just wait till more boys get gardasil. maybe if the young football ectr stars collapse people will take notice? maimed and killed teen girls don’t seem to bother many people that much. 

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It’s interesting that both ‘sides’ of the political spectrum espouse this or something similar.

I guess people aren’t really thinking about what it really means.

Harvard Doctor Admits He's Terrified Of Big Pharma...Consequences For Speaking Out Over Vaccines

The respected and outspoken physician who wrote “Overdosed America: The Broken Promise of American Medicine,” honestly demonstrates how physicians who want to keep their positions must respond to earnest vaccine questions. They can’t.

no, the all know they;ll get wakefielded.

FEMA Contract Called for 30 Million Meals for Puerto Ricans. 50,000 Were Delivered.


For this huge task, FEMA tapped Tiffany Brown, an Atlanta entrepreneur with no experience in large-scale disaster relief and at least five canceled government contracts in her past. FEMA awarded her $156 million for the job, and Ms. Brown, who is the sole owner and employee of her company, Tribute Contracting LLC, set out to find some help.

Ms. Brown, who is adept at navigating the federal contracting system, hired a wedding caterer in Atlanta with a staff of 11 to freeze-dry wild mushrooms and rice, chicken and rice, and vegetable soup. She found a nonprofit in Texas that had shipped food aid overseas and domestically, including to a Houston food bank after Hurricane Harvey.

By the time 18.5 million meals were due, Tribute had delivered only 50,000. And FEMA inspectors discovered a problem: The food had been packaged separately from the pouches used to heat them. FEMA’s solicitation required “self-heating meals.”



wish everyone in the whole world would………stop wearing perfume and cologne

like i know it’s not their fault but it really is a bizarre way to live that if someone sits near my on the bus wearing too much I have to get up and move so i don’t have a life-threatening reaction like

I know the problem is my lungs, not ur chanel no. 5 but still

i don’t have a life threatening reaction, but vitamin c in large doses helps.

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