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October 29 2017

Real News


EOM - Ethical Omnivore Movement

Regenerative meat heals our bodies, restores the lands on which we depend, and optimizes the health of the animals we source. In realizing the depth of our product and its reach, we are proud to call ourselves and our customers “conscious carnivores.”

By supporting regenerative agriculture, voting with our dollars, and showing harmful food corporations that mission-driven companies are the future, we can ensure that we will leave the world better than we found it.”

Thanks to mindbodygreen and the authors who also happen to be the founders of the great companyEPIC bar


October 28 2017

Ganesha does know what he is talking about - Thimerosal is 50% ethyl mercury and similarly toxic.

“The CDC study, Alkyl Mercury-Induced Toxicity: Multiple Mechanisms of Action, appeared last month in the journal, Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology. 

The 45-page meta-review of relevant science examines the various ways that mercury harms the human body.

 Its authors, John F. Risher, PhD, and Pamela Tucker, MD, are researchers in the CDC’s Division of Toxicology and Human Health Sciences, Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry.

"This scientific paper is the one of most important pieces of research to come out of the CDC in a decade,” Paul Thomas, M.D., a Dartmouth-trained pediatrician who has been practicing medicine for 30 years, said.

 "It confirms what so many already suspected: that public health officials have been making a terrible mistake in recommending that we expose babies and pregnant women to this neurotoxin. I regret to say that I gave these shots to children. The CDC led us all to believe that it was perfectly safe.“

Among the findings of the CDC’s new study:

Methylmercury, the highly-regulated neurotoxin found in fish, and ethylmercury (found in medical products, including influenza and tetanus vaccines, ear drops and nasal sprays) are similarly toxic to humans.

 Methylmercury and ethylmercury share common chemical properties, and both significantly disrupt central nervous system development and function.

Thimerosal is extremely toxic at very low exposures and is more damaging than methylmercury in some studies. For example, ethylmercury is even more destructive to the mitochondria in cells than methylmercury.

The ethylmercury in thimerosal does not leave the body quickly as the CDC once claimed, but is metabolized into highly neurotoxic forms.”


Families with vaccine-damaged children are being bullied into silence

almost being synonymous terms.

For one family in the United Kingdom, though, things have gone to a whole new level. This family has received death threats and warnings to keep quiet about the horrible damage done to their daughter.

In 1993, the Marchant family’s 14-month-old daughter received what was supposed to be just a regular MMR vaccine. Before receiving her vaccination, baby Jodie said, “Love you!” to her dad in the waiting room at the doctor’s office. Everything seemed to be going okay — until Mr. Marchant heard his child scream.

As they would later learn,though they thought their child was being given a standard MMR vaccine, this was not the case. In fact, it turned out their child was given an untested 8-in-1 vaccine illegally — a vaccine that would permanently damage their perfectly healthy baby.

After taking their baby girl, Jodie, home from her vaccination appointment, her parents noticed she was shivering, shaking, screaming and running a fever. Like any parent would, the Marchants consulted with a doctor immediately. The doctor insisted Jodie was just suffering from a virus and there was nothing to worry about. Sadly, this would instead become the day Jodie was left permanently disabled, never again to be her normal self.

Jodie began suffering from seizures, incontinence of both bowels and bladder, and acid reflux. She also lost the ability to speak, stopped walking and no longer made eye contact. Jodie suffered with near-constant pain and was inconsolable. And with growing numbers of vaccine-damaged children being reported (and then swept under the rug), doctors merely diagnosed Jodie with autism.

In 1998, however, Jodie was being treated at Royal Free Hospital and doctors finally began to realize that Jodie was not like other children. Pediatric gastroenterologist Professor John Walker-Smith agreed to help the Marchant family and soon uncovered the truth: Jodie was not given an ordinary MMR vaccine. Later that year, Dr. Paul Shattock analyzed a urine sample from Jodie and told her parents that there must have been something else mixed into her vaccine.

After much searching and going through many hoops, the Marchants eventually discovered that their daughter’s doctor had given her not just the MMR vaccine, but also a vaccine for DTaP, polio, and one other vaccine (not currently disclosed). All of this was given to 14-month-old baby in one shot.

Attempts were made to obscure all the records of what had happened to Jodie. When her parents requested her records from the office where she received that horrifying shot, the records could not be found. Fortunately, another doctor Jodie saw temporarily still had the records which detailed what was given to her that fateful day.

The Marchant family’s fight for justice for Jodie is still ongoing. Many have tried to silence them and stop them from uncovering what has been covered-up so long.

I have a slightly different take, I think autism is a shit diagnosis that is used to hide medical conditions caused by vaccines.

So I don’t think my son has autism anymore.

 He has Encephalopathy (brain disease caused by Encephalitis), Bowel Disease, Mitochondrial Dysfunction, Food sensitivities and I am sure other conditions that I have no diagnosis for.

 If you look at the DSM V definition of autism, it covers none of these, yet its all his ‘autism,’ apparently.

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Mums to be …remember the medical profession works for you and you are ultimately the final decision maker when it comes to you and your babies health. Trust your own instincts and do your own research and don’t outsource your child’s health to strangers.

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strangely people don’t recognise THIS as a totalitarian/fascist threat.

can it get any more totalitarian then directly messing with one’s body?!

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TV Is Obsessed With an Unrealistic Portrayal of Autistic People

This is not a show I want to watch. I’m tired of what the entertainment business thinks autism looks like—it’s a perception that’s far removed from reality.

The well-known pop culture motif of the “autistic savant” likely started with the release of the film Rain Man in 1988. While savant syndrome is real, it’s actually quite rare—only 10 percent of people with autism are estimated to have savant abilities. But the stereotype has hung around stubbornly since then, appearing in film and television to spread the misconception that autism—despite its varying degrees of impairment—is something that can also bear desirable or even enviable gifts.

That message is damaging in more ways than one.

 It’s insulting to the large percentage of people on the spectrum without savant abilities, because it implies their stories aren’t as valuable or worth telling. 

It also promotes the falsehood that an autism diagnosis nearly always comes pre-packaged with extreme giftedness.

“It’s true that many individuals with high-functioning autism have very high levels of intelligence and savant-like abilities,” says Harry Voulgarakis, a psychologist and director of the Shoreline Center for Social Learning in Connecticut.

 "But it’s important to remember that this is a small percentage of individuals on the spectrum…in fact, about 40 percent of people diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder [ASD] have an intellectual disability, or a lower range IQ.

 So while the media representations of ASD are not necessarily inaccurate, they are limited in the many aspects of ASD that they are portraying.“

SheThinx Period Panties and Autism

One of the first questions I get when I speak to parents of young girls on the spectrum is, “How on earth will I manage her period? She has sensory issues!”   We had smooth sailing for a long time. 

 Each girl would wear a pad. PMS is a challenge of course.  But we managed pretty well until… we didn’t.

 One of my girls suddenly refused to wear a pad.  

“NO DIAPER.”  For months I begged, cajoled, followed her around saying (OK, sometimes yelling) “NO PAD NO iPAD!” She didn’t care.

 She was NOT going to wear a pad. As you can imagine the result was a disaster.

 And I was seeing red. 

Ruined bedsheets. Laundry galore. Going out of the house a problem.

 Someone recommended the pill or the IUD that stops the menses. Not for us. 

Someone recommended tampons - not an option as teaching her privacy has meant telling her nothing goes inside of her.

 And she needs help with changing a pad so I wasn’t going to have staff assisting her with such an intimate job.

I read about period panties, but I thought they were like Depends. Papery… diapers. Then I read a review of a product called THINX period panties. Desperate, I ordered 3 pair.

Black Lives Do Matter – Take Action…

Here is my challenge to ALL black organizations who really want to prove they believe BLACK LIVES MATTER.

NFL Players – stand up and hold up signs that say, “Black Lives Matter – Investigate why Black children suffer more death and disability from vaccines than all other children by far!”

Members of Black Lives Matter – why are you still silent about the crisis in your own community regarding vaccines?  I see nothing on your website or in your social media messages about this human calamity. http://art.blacklivesmatter.com/

NAACP – Where were you when the CDC was caught red-handed targeting black children here in the US and abroad to secretly test a new vaccine without parental consent.  And, where are you now?

this also applies to pro choice./feminism , as well as pro life activists. all of which stop at pregnancy, apparently considering the birth experience of mother and /or child, and anything farther unimportant. 

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