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May 23 2018

The 1918 Flu Pandemic was more deadly because more people were traumatised by war and emotional trauma represses immune function;

 more people were malnourished; more people were living in poor conditions and too many were given Aspirin.

That is not to say that particular Flu could not or would not have killed some, but to say, the indicators are that given the environment and the treatments, it was likely to kill the millions that it did.

You say: All of the above are from Starko’s paper and show that the vast majority of deaths were from the lethal effects of H1N1, trying to blame 50 millions of death on aspirin is just plain wrong.

Which is pretty meaningless unless you study the individual circumstances of those who died. Unless you know what the First World War had done or was doing to that individual, unless you know their living conditions, then blaming deaths on the Flu itself is delusional.

It is not the pathogen, but the terrain. Since we have not had another such pandemic since, logic suggests that the horrors of the First World War, and the Aspirin, combined to kill far more than would otherwise have died.

The point is the 1918 Pandemic cannot be cited as a common event, and indeed, history has demonstrated just that, but was in many ways an anomaly sourced in circumstances.

That is not to say we could not face another dangerous Pandemic, but, if we did, it would no doubt hit hardest the most vaccinated as they have the most confused immune systems. It would also hit harder those emotionally traumatised and those living with poor nutrition, sanitation and hygiene.

And the irony is, you are fearful of mutations and yet the most likely source of mutations is vaccines. Here we combine in the process of making them animal and bird material, combined with aborted foetal cell lines, in ways impossible in nature.

Never before have humans had all these things injected into their bodies with unknown outcomes.

You put all that together in your toxic soup of disease and mutations are almost a given. 

Ah, the arrogance, nay, the hubris of modern science-medicine.

Prior to vaccination there were many diseases which caused paralysis including non polio acute flaccid flaccid paralysis.

 There was no attempt to laboratory test all the cases of paralysis that resulted in death and AFP is also associated with a number of other pathogenic agents including enteroviruses, echoviruses, and adenoviruses, among others. 

But in 1955, there was no attempt to detect anything other than polio in cases of AFP. 

Once the vaccine was mass marketed, the game changed.

 People who showed polio like symptoms that previously would have been diagnosed as Polio were now being diagnosed as: Acute Flaccid Paralysis (AFP), Transverse Myelitis, Viral or Aseptic Meningitis, Guillaine Barre Syndrome (GBS), Chinese Paralytic Syndrome, , Spinal Meningitis, Spinal Apolexy, Inhibitory Palsy, Intermittent Fever, Ergotis, ME, Post-Polio Syndrome aka GBS. Coxsackie virus and echo viruses can cause paralytic syndromes that are clinically indistinguishable from paralytic poliomyelitis. So the less than 1% of people who supposedly died from polio could have had any of the above diseases.

In India there were 47500 cases of NPAFP. While data from India’s National Polio Surveillance Project showed NPAFP rate increased in proportion to the number of polio vaccine doses received, independent studies showed that children identified with NPAFP “were at more than twice the risk of dying than those with wild polio infection.”.

Also remember the Cutter incident - all those pictures of kids in Iron lungs - the tragedy that occurred when 200,000 people were inadvertently injected with live virulent polio virus: 70,000 became ill, 200 were permanently paralyzed, and 10 died.

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Andrew Wakefield has never been to jail.

 Please check your facts. He has been made a scapegoat by the government:

What the Wakefield critics don’t tell you is that the study was coauthored by 12 other scientists and the paper made no conclusion whatsoever between MMR and autism.

Wakefield’s paper was a “Case Series”, which is not a hypothesis testing paper. 

He simply took the doctors referrals, treated the disease and reported the information provided by the parents, the referring doctors and the outcomes of his investigations. 

Also, his 19 other papers were never retracted, and the investigations into gastrointestinal disease has been replicated multiple times around the world. 

The study involved a group of children who had presented with gastric complications, the parents of whom had approached Wakefield (the top gastroenterologist in the UK at the time) and his research team to try and assist them with their children’s condition, which is exactly what they did During this investigation 8 of the 12 parents revealed that these symptoms, along with the so-called autistic regression had started coincidentally with the administering of the MMR vaccine and what the scientists discovered was that when they treated the bowel disorders, the neurological and behavioural aberrations were similarly ameliorated.

They thus concluded that there should be further study into the MMR vaccine as the claims of the parents had seemingly turned out to be valid.

It was also recommended that instead of continuing the combined vaccine protocol, the GMC should perhaps revert to the single shot mumps, measles and rubella vaccines until conclusive studies had been undertaken on the combined MMR vaccine.

Where in any of that does it show that Wakefied was making a causal link? 

It was simply never stated - ever.

 In fact, Wakefield was advocating vaccine alternatives - he was pro-vaccine but pro SAFE vaccines.

Merck, who owned the exclusive licence (and obviously the British monopoly) for the MMR vaccine brooked no debate about withdrawing it for further study and the GMC backed this decision, in fact they actually went as far as to remove the single shot vaccine option altogether which had, up until the time of the Wakefield study, been available.

 Once this had been published, the single shot vaccines were no longer commercially available in the national vaccine programme.

It is of interest that the person that retracted the study, Sir Crispin Davis, was making a large salary in a non-executive director position on the board of UK MMR makers GlaxoSmithKline.

 The “investigation” was funded by The Sunday Times whose owner at the time, Rupert Murdoch’s son James, was making a large salary in his director position on the board of UK MMR makers GlaxoSmithKline. In the 1998 press conference Andrew Wakefield recommended using the monovalent measles vaccine option that had a safety record dating back to the late 60s, so he actually recommended vaccinating against measles. Unless you’re going to tell us that Andrew Wakefield was psychic, why isn’t the NHS for removing said option from the schedule over six months later at the request. Dr Walker Smith worked in the same capacity as Wakefield and was exonerated.

The GMC proceeding was a multi-year, multi-million dollar prosecution against Drs. Wakefield, Walker-Smith, and Murch. 

Based on the GMC prosecution, both Drs. Walker-Smith and Wakefield lost their licenses to practice and the Lancet article was officially retracted.

 The GMC alleged that the physician-authors had failed to obtain necessary ethical clearances and that they had subjected the twelve children in the study to unnecessary medical procedures.

Justice John Mitting, in Case No: CO/7039/2010 in the Royal Courts of Justice Strand, London, ruled on the appeal by Walker-Smith, saying that the GMC “panel’s determination cannot stand. I therefore quash it.” He said that its conclusions were based on “inadequate and superficial reasoning and, in a number of instances, a wrong conclusion.”

Dr. Walker-Smith’s professional insurance coverage paid for his appeal; Dr. Wakefield’s insurance carrier would not.

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That would have gone over so well with my classmates who survived the last cycle of polio with the lifelong souvenir of atrophied muscles in their arm or leg from nerve damage.

Perhaps your crippled classmates might like to read about the part played by the medical meddling which removed their tonsils and adenoids and the part played by the Diptheria vaccine.

Sure, there must have been some who succumbed without those factors but they certainly played a major part all the same.

Warnings were given at the time about the Dip vaccine, paralysis often beginning at the injection site, but most of those in charge decided that maintaining public faith in vaccines mattered more than a few dead or paralysed children.

Lightning Men review: Crime fiction at its finest

will it be as hard to take as darktown? probably.

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Loved these books. Let’s hope the show lives up to them.

what are the odds ever? and based on this trailer i’d say the chances are below zero, no pun intended.

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Perspective | We’re whitewashing the history of our founding. It’s fueling problems today.


‘Many scholars and pundits have gone to great lengths to protect this skewed understanding. They dismiss nonwhite scholars writing on slavery, Native Americans and race, or women writing on gender, discounting their research, subjecting their books to greater scrutiny or writing off their focus on the history of enslaved blacks, Native Americans or women as simplistic. They laud scholars who focus on the elites who developed the ideologies and technologies of slavery and white supremacy, judging their work as more complex or “smarter.” This year, the George Washington Prize has contributed to this insidious hierarchy.“





hey does anyone know the fastest way to clean up milk that’s covering every goddamn i nch of the  kitchen floor

i know a gal……she’s on her way



I don’t know how I missed this until now, but holy crap they are making Justin Cronin’s “The Passage” into a tv series. This could be incredible or terrible. Very ambitious to take on a post apocalyptic show of this nature. I’ll definitely check it out. Loved the books!

terrible, i predict terrible, in any case but having seen the trailer.

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this is soo bad. even if i hadn’t read the book i don’t think i’d be enticed to watch this based on this awful trailer. 

the book was good. 


Austria, Germany, Prussia:
Notwithstanding the fact that Prussia was the most re-vaccinated country, against smallpox,
in Europe, it’s mortality rate from smallpox in the epidemic of 1871was higher ( 59,839 ) than in
any northern state.“ Dr. Charles Creighton M.A.,MD Encyclopedia Britannica, published in 1888.

In 1853,a compulsory immunization program against smallpox was set up in England using
Jenner’s methods. Before that time the death rate for smallpox for a two year period was about
2000. In 1868 after 15years of forced vaccination they had an epidemic that killed 44,840 people.
In 1881of the 491 cases of smallpox admitted to the Highgate Hospital in London England
only 21 had not been vaccinated. ( Lancet, April 27, 1881 )
Italy is one of the best vaccinated countries in the world, if not the best of all, for twenty years
before 1885,our nation was vaccinated in the proportion of 98.5%. Notwithstanding, the
epidemics we have had have been something so frightful that nothing before the invention of
vaccination could equal them. During 1887, we had 16,249 deaths from smallpox; in 1888,
18,110 deaths and in 1889, 13,413”— Chas Ruata Professor of Hygiene and Material Medical in
the University of Perguia, Italy.

In Japan after 13 years of compulsory vaccination starting in 1872 a law was passed that required
revaccination every seven years. From 1886 to 1892 25,474370 revaccination were recorded
Yet during this same period they had 156,175 cases of smallpox with 38,979 deaths. In 1896,
the Japanese Parliament passed another act requiring every Japanese resident to be vaccinated and be
re-vaccinated every five years. Between 1889 and 1908 there were 171,611 smallpox cases with
47,919 deaths, a case mortality of 30%. This case mortality exceeded the smallpox death rate of the
pre-vaccination period.

In 1903, when the United States established a military dictatorship in the Philippines, a
smallpox vaccination program was forced on the Philippinos and from 1903 to 1918 they had
epidemics totaling 103,264 cases and 74,368 deaths, quadrupling the death rate prior to the
inoculation program. The Philippine Health Service for 1918 showed 47,369 cases and 16,447
deaths from vaccine induced smallpox!

West Germany
In 1967 smallpox vaccination damaged the hearing of 3,296 children in West Germany, of
which 71 became totally deaf. Reported by R. Obasawin MD

the smallpox vaccine led to lifelong chronic illness for me, just a year before it was stopped :(

“Chronic illnesses are now so common, having a sick child seems to be the “new normal.”

May 22 2018

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i am truly gobsmacked! of course he did not do the research either. 

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